Commercial Lighting Solutions in Toronto, Ontario

Faraday Lighting is proud to provide turn-key commercial lighting solutions in Toronto, Ontario. We specialize in distributing professionally engineered and installed LED lighting fixtures and systems that are guaranteed to serve your business faithfully for many years to come while helping you lower your carbon and energy emissions in the process.

We’ve been in the lighting industry in Toronto, Ontario for many years—but we are not just a lighting distributor.

We also offer design and engineering services. As such, we work closely with business and building owners as well as general contractors to supply all of their lighting needs. With our comprehensive lighting solutions and services, our clients don’t have to spend extra money hiring additional engineers, designers, or contractors to install and maintain their lighting solutions for them—we do it all.

Our Commercial Lighting Solutions

  • Lighting audits. We’ll perform a thorough onsite walkthrough of your facility, make detailed notes of your current lighting conditions and systems, and identify potential energy-saving solutions for your business.
  • Engineering and design. Our experienced lighting engineers will map out a detailed lighting fixture blueprint to maximize the lighting conditions based on the layout of your space.
  • Economic project analyses/project estimates. A full economic analysis of the project will be provided during the initial consultation following a complete lighting audit.
  • Product specification and supply. Once we’ve identified specific points of improvement in in your existing lighting system, we’ll check our inventory to supply you with the appropriate lighting product solutions. We’ll inform you immediately if any specific products need to be ordered in and notify you of estimated wait times.
  • Professional installation and extended warranty. The last piece of the puzzle is to install the lighting systems. Installation timelines vary based on the layout and size of the facility along with the complexity of the project. We also offer additional warranty and support as needed.

Industries We Serve

We provide lighting solutions and services for the following industries:

  • Parking garages
  • Shopping malls
  • Commercial buildings and offices
  • Manufacturing facilities and warehouses
  • Hospitals and senior facilities
  • Hotels and the hospitality industry
  • Recreation centers and entertainment buildings

When it comes to exceptional customized industrial and commercial lighting solutions in Toronto, Ontario, our services are second to none. We’re partnered with these leading Canadian lighting manufacturers to provide all of our clients with long-lasting lighting solutions at every turn.

  • MaxLite
  • Premise LED Inc.
  • LiteLine
  • Lotus LED Lights
  • DynaPole
  • Spina’s Steel Workers Co., LTD.
  • Lutron
  • Marcus Transformer
  • Metrosphere
  • Symban
  • ToroidTech
  • Valmont Poles
  • Venture Lighting
  • Upplands Energy Inc.
  • Audacy Wireless Lighting Control

Commercial Lighting Solutions in Toronto, Ontario from Faraday Lighting

At Faraday Lighting, providing our customers with top-notch, affordable, and dependable lighting solutions isn’t just our job—it’s our passion. For that reason, we provide a wide range of commercial and industrial LED lighting fixtures and solutions from ceiling and wall installations to standalone lamps that are capable of sufficiently illuminating your space without increasing your energy output and expenses. Contact us today to learn more or to book a lighting design audit.