“Solar Powered” Lighting in Toronto

Solar-powered lighting in Toronto is a cost-efficient and energy-efficient alternative to traditional grid-powered lighting systems. It’s a great choice for companies and municipalities that are looking to lower their electrical output, reduce stress on the grid system, and above all, decrease the size of their carbon footprints.

If you’re interested in spearheading a new green initiative for your organization, institution, or community at large, then solar lighting in Toronto is a great place to start. Did you know that you can also earn LEED credits in the process? LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. It’s a global initiative that uses a points and rewards-based system to motivate companies, governments, and local community members to transition to green infrastructural practices, including installing solar lighting systems.

Learn how the solar lighting experts at Faraday Lighting can help you improve your eco-friendly initiatives and lower your energy bills with professionally installed solar lights.

Solar-Powered Lighting Systems for Commercial Buildings

Businesses and commercial building managers that are interested in lowering their energy and electrical output without compromising on the quality of their lighting can benefit greatly from solar lighting in Toronto. Large solar lighting systems are typically made to order by special manufacturers. Due to the high demand from businesses and government buildings, it can be hard to get through to a quality manufacturer.

Faraday Lighting provides turn-key solar lighting solutions. We’re partnered with some of the leading solar light manufacturers in Canada and can guarantee the delivery and installation of a high-quality product. Our experienced lighting engineers will perform a thorough lighting audit of your entire building. After that, we’ll map out an exclusive detailed lighting project installation plan based on your specific illumination preferences and needs. We’ll also make product and system recommendations based on our years of expertise in the field.

Why You Should Use Solar-Powered Lights

  • Unlimited energy source. Using photovoltaic or solar cells, solar lights absorb sunlight and convert it into an energy source such as an electrical current that can be used to illuminate any sized space. Energy is collected and stored in a battery pack for nighttime use or during dark and cloudy days when there’s insufficient sunlight.
  • Eco-friendly. Because solar lights extract energy directly from the sun, they’re an incredibly eco-friendly and convenient option to help you transition to off-grid power.
  • Safe and easy to install. Trust the solar lighting experts at Faraday Lighting to install your new lighting system safely and quickly.
  • Cost-effective. The long-term cost savings offset the high upfront cost of purchasing and installing solar lighting in Toronto.

Solar Lighting Solutions and Applications

At Faraday Lighting, our team of expert lighting engineers specializes in a variety of solar lighting installations and applications.

Street Lighting

For municipalities that are interested in illuminating poorly lit roadways and commercial parking lots for safer nighttime driving and better visibility, solar lights are a great cost-efficient option.

Solar Parking Lot Lighting

Regardless of operating hours, businesses need to keep their commercial parking lots and exterior properties safe at all times of the day or night. Solar lighting systems provide ample lighting and improve visibility for pedestrians and motorists alike.

Solar Pathway Lighting

In addition to increasing safety standards at night for commercial buildings, solar lights can also increase your curb appeal by illuminating your structure at night. To save even more energy, you can also install sensors that turn on when people pass by.

Parks and Gardens

Solar lights create a beautiful ambiance the highlights specific features such as flowers, hardscapes, and softscapes in commercial and privately owned outdoor spaces.

Want to learn more about how solar lighting works? Contact Faraday Lighting today to speak to one of our solar lighting experts in the GTA!