Lighting Solutions for Automotive Dealerships

Why Automotive Dealerships Need Lighting Solutions

When it comes to selling vehicles, the right lighting makes all the difference. It’s important to showcase all of the different features, detailing, and colours of the vehicles on your lot. Custom lighting solutions for your automotive dealership from Faraday Lighting can illuminate your property, so that your customers can get a good look at the cars on display. Before test driving vehicles, customers shop with their eyes, so they have to be able to fully see your product in the best possible lighting conditions.

Proper car dealership lighting ensures that your customers will be able to see every last detail of the cars on your lot without necessarily overpowering their senses. LED lighting for automotive dealerships can illuminate your entire parking lot while minimizing energy consumption and costs. In fact, our LED lighting solutions for your car dealership can help you save about 50% every month on your energy bills.

Things You Need to Know about Car Dealership Lighting Solutions in Ontario

Faraday Lighting provides exclusive LED lighting solutions for car dealerships across Ontario. We’ve worked with a variety of car dealership locations and have improved their overall profitability and customer experience by installing high-quality luminous LED lighting solutions.

Lighting Retrofits for Automotive Dealerships

Our team will perform a complimentary lighting assessment of your entire property to identify potential problem areas of low or insufficient lighting. We’ll provide retrofitted modern lighting solutions that are guaranteed to lower your energy consumption and costs while maximizing performance and illumination consistently throughout your property.

Automotive Dealership Lighting Audits

Professional lighting audits from Faraday Lighting entail assessing your current lighting systems and providing feasible solutions that increase illumination throughout your property without increasing your energy costs.

Lighting Redesigns for Car Dealerships

Sometimes, lighting retrofitting simply isn’t enough to bring your dealership’s lighting systems up to current standards. You might need a full lighting system overhaul or redesign to improve the efficiency and light distribution of your lighting system. During your initial lighting audit, our team will assess and identify the changes that need to be made, calculate your efficiency maximization capabilities, and recommend a lighting redesign project based on these factors.

Automotive Dealership Lighting Installation

At Faraday Lighting, we do everything from initial lighting system assessments and audits to installation and maintenance. We install light poles, luminary arms, concrete foundations, lamps, ballasts, photocells, and so much more. We also provide in-depth maintenance and repair services.

Energy Efficient LED Lighting for Car Dealerships in Toronto, Ontario

Faraday Lighting is one of the leading providers of LED lighting for car dealerships across Toronto, the GTA, and other parts of Ontario. In 2018 and 2020, we were named one of Canada’s fastest growing companies by Growth 500. We’re very proud of that achievement and hope to continue the legacy by providing top-notch energy-efficient LED lighting solutions that help decrease environmental impacts without compromising on quality. Contact us to learn more.