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April 8, 2020
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wall occupancy/vacancy sensing switch


Maestro in-wall occupancy/vacancy sensing switch; Single pole only, 2A max

Maestro occupancy sensor switch combines a Maestro switch with a passive infrared occupancy or vacancy sensor. The sensor detects the heat from occupants moving within an area to determine whether the space is occupied. Based on the feedback from the sensor, the occupancy sensor switch will adjust the load accordingly.


• Passive infrared sensors with exclusive Lutron XCT Technology for fine motion detection

• 180° sensor field-of-view

• Up to 30 ft x 30 ft (9 m x 9 m) [900 ft2 (81 m2)] major motion coverage and 20 ft x 20 ft (6 m x 6 m) [400 ft2 (36 m2)] minor motion coverage

• Occupancy version can be set to Auto-ON / Auto-OFF or Manual-ON / Auto-OFF

• Vacancy version available to meet CA Title 24 requirements • Adjustable timeout (1, 5, 15, or 30 minutes) and high/low sensitivity adjustment

• Load types: incandescent, halogen, ELV, MLV, CFL, LED, magnetic fluorescent, electronic fluorescent, and fan.