SE Series Integrated Off Grid Lighting – IOT controls
August 24, 2023
Wall Pack Adjustable
August 24, 2023
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Street Lighting up to 150W


Street Lighing

Excellent solution for reliable industrial-quality solar lighting. High-quality diecast aluminum housing with 130 LPW lumen output Phillips LEDs for reliable off-grid lighting in any weather. Programmable light mode selection by remote.

Industrial quality off-grid lighting for roadways, inner-city streets, and parking areas. The luminaire with integral Lithium batteries and Upplands’ ZeroSUN™ intelligent controller connects to a solar

panel with MC4 connectors. The panel can be installed conveniently in an optimum position and orientation for the direction of sunlight.

Designed for regions of less than average sunlight and long winter nights, it provides reliable lighting under any weather condition.

Operating temperatures: -30 to +55C

20W;30W;40W;50W; 60W 80;100W& 150W