Create an Upscale Hotel Lobby Atmosphere with Beautiful Lighting Solutions

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Create an Upscale Hotel Lobby Atmosphere with Beautiful Lighting Solutions

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Hotel lighting should create an inviting and calming atmosphere for guests. Regardless of the reason or length of their stay, guests should instantly feel a sense of comfort and luxury when they walk into a hotel lobby. Lighting plays a significant role in creating the ideal ambiance that you want guests to experience in your establishment. Professional lighting solution providers in the GTA will closely examine your current design and setup to create a modern and functional lighting blueprint that fits your hotel’s decor and enhances visibility. 

Here are a few useful tips for commercial lighting solutions in Ontario.

Appeal to Your Clientele 

If there’s one thing that’s vital to the survival of the hospitality industry, it’s keeping clientele satisfied at every turn, starting with your decor and lighting choices. The right lighting sets the tone in your hotel lobby. Avoid using harsh bright lights like fluorescents that can irritate guests and illicit negative emotions upon arrival. 

Create a homely atmosphere by using warm colour temperatures such as a soft yellow, white, or blue, to help guests feel more comfortable. Colour rendering is usually used for retail product displays, but it can also be useful for hotel lobbies to highlight important areas such as check-in and concierge desks or bars. 

Choose a Focal Point

Every interior design style needs to have a focal point—a place for the eyes to land on immediately upon entering the space. For hotel lobbies, the check-in desk should be the main focal point as that’s usually the first thing people look for when walking through the doors. Make sure that the check-in desk is just well-lit enough for guests to be able to identify it from afar and read paperwork without producing extremely harsh lighting that makes them uncomfortable. 

Create the Illusion of a Bigger Space 

A properly lit hotel lobby can create a feeling of luxury, grandeur, and even the illusion that the space is a lot larger than it actually is. Include accent lighting, table lamps, wall-mounted lighting fixtures, and even a low hanging pendant light or chandelier in the center of the room to make the space feel wider and more open. 

Consider the Rest of the Decor

When choosing lighting fixtures and styles for your hotel lobby, it’s important to take the rest of the decor into consideration. Think about which architectural design components you want to highlight as well as the type of artwork, decor pieces, and furniture that will be included in the overall aesthetic of the lobby. These are all instrumental to choosing the appropriate lighting that fits your space. 

Choose Energy-Efficient Lighting Solutions in Ontario 

Energy-efficient LED lights have significant long-term cost savings without compromising on brightness, lighting quality, or aesthetic appeal. If sustainability and reducing the size of your business’s carbon footprint are top priorities, then consider installing energy-efficient LED lighting in the GTA. 

Affordable and Quality Lighting Solutions Providers in the GTA 

Faraday Lighting provides full-service lighting solutions including installation, maintenance, and repairs. Our experienced team will also perform an in-depth lighting audit to map out optimal lighting solutions for your hotel lobby. Contact us today to learn more.