Different Styles of Wall Packed LEDs to Install in Your Commercial Building

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Different Styles of Wall Packed LEDs to Install in Your Commercial Building

LED wall packs

Rising electricity costs have prompted many commercial property owners to reassess their current lighting fixtures and move toward more energy efficient options. LED wall packs are the perfect lighting solution. They effectively illuminate dark outdoor spaces, reduce energy output and costs, and have an extensive service life that lasts for many years even with consistent use.

Custom LED lighting distributors in Toronto highly recommend these new wall packs because they’re discreet, increase visibility and safety on your property at all hours of the night, and motion sensor activation deters break-ins. Available in a wide range of styles to perfectly match your property’s infrastructure and aesthetic, wall packs are the ideal LED lighting solution in Ontario for commercial properties of all sizes. Choose from the following LED wall pack styles for your business.

Standard Wall Pack

Standard LED wall packs are commonly used for the exterior of commercial buildings. They’re affordable, have an exceptional light output, simple design, and they’re weather and water-resistant.

Adjustable Head Wall Packs

Where standard wall packs produce a wide beam of light, adjustable head wall packs can be adjusted to provide directional illumination. Adjustable head wall packs are the ideal lighting solution for large commercial and industrial complexes that have a lot of dark spots that need to be illuminated to amplify overnight security.

Flush Mount

These types of lighting fixtures are installed flush against the wall or ceiling to illuminate the space below. Only the lens is visible as it protrudes outward to maximize the light distribution.

Recessed Wall Lights

These lights are completely recessed into the wall or ceiling. All of the fixture components are completely hidden and only the light they produce is visible. The downward direction of the light makes recessed wall lights the ideal solution for dark and narrow interior spaces.

Barn Lights

Barn lights are also recessed into the wall or ceiling. The difference is that the light bulb is surrounded in either a metal cage or transparent glass housing to protect it and expand the light distribution capacity.

Wall Spotlight

Similar to adjustable head lights, spotlights can be maneuvered to cast a light on a specific area.

High Lumen Outputs

Due to their high lumen output capacity, these lights are typically installed in industrial buildings such as warehouses, distribution centers, car dealerships, or airports that have high ceilings. They’re the most powerful LED wall packs on the market. The higher up they’re installed, the greater light distribution they produce.

Photocell Wall Packs

Photocell wall packs have a similar aesthetic design to standard wall packs. They have an automatic feature that uses photocells to automatically turn on and off based on the ambient lighting in a space.

Tunable Wall Packs

Tunable LED wall packs offer exceptional energy-efficiency. The lighting output levels can be adjusted or tuned according to your application requirements. That means that the same light bulbs can be used for a variety of application types that require different light outputs.

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