How to Beat the Heat and Save Electricity in the Summer

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How to Beat the Heat and Save Electricity in the Summer

Commercial Lighting Solutions in Ontario

Summer heatwaves in Ontario can get pretty intense. With temperatures rising well past 30 degrees Celsius in some areas, it can certainly feel like your skin is going to melt off if you spend too much time outdoors or don’t have a sufficient air conditioning system.

Unfortunately, the temperature isn’t the only thing rising this summer. Running your air conditioning system all summer long can sometimes result in abnormally high electricity bills. Given the current state of the economy, it’s not surprising that many people have opted to go without their cooling systems. Switching to LED lighting solutions in Ontario is a great way to save electricity and money this summer by reducing the heat load on your air conditioner.

In addition to using energy-efficient commercial lighting solutions in Ontario, here are a few great tips to help you conserve energy and save money while staying cool this summer.

Use a Good Air Conditioner

Your air conditioner needs routine maintenance to maximize its efficiency and ensure that it’s functioning at full capacity. Don’t set your thermostat to a lower temperature right away as this will only force your air conditioner, which has been dormant for several months, to work in overdrive without cooling down your space any faster. It’s also important to make sure that you have the right size AC unit for your space. Consult with an AC technician if you’re not sure.

 Ensure the Building Is Properly Insulated

Insulation is meant to regulate temperature control in your space, whether it’s keeping cold air in or out during the summer and winter months respectively. If the building isn’t properly insulated, cold air will escape through various crevices, forcing your AC unit to work harder to maintain a certain cool and comfortable temperature in the summer months. This will inevitably increase your electricity bills.

Capture the Cross-Breeze

If you have windows located opposite one another, you can turn off your AC altogether and enjoy a nice cross-breeze running through the room. This is a great way to stay cool and comfortable in the summer while also conserving energy at the same time.

Keep Your Cooling System Running Efficiently

To ensure that your cooling system is always in good working order and running efficiently, you should schedule regular maintenance and change out your air conditioning filter at least once every 45-90 days depending on your regional climate, air quality, and whether or not you have airborne allergies. Your thermostat can sense heat that comes off of certain appliances such as TVs and lamps. Avoid placing these types of items within close vicinity to your thermostat to maintain your cooling system’s energy efficiency.

Plant Trees Around Your Property

Trees are nature’s air purifiers. That means they can reduce your energy usage and help maintain excellent air quality throughout the interior and exterior of your commercial property.

Opt for Energy-Efficient Commercial Lighting Solutions in Ontario

The right lighting in the GTA can make a big difference in minimizing your electricity costs and carbon footprint this summer. Faraday Lighting offers high-quality commercial lighting solutions in Ontario that help you reach your energy efficiency and sustainability goals. We’ll start with a full-scale lighting audit and then recommend the appropriate LED lighting solutions for your business. Contact us today to learn more.