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Indoor Lighting Layout

Employee satisfaction and energy savings skyrocket with crisp and clear Faraday LED lighting. For workers who spend up to eight hours a day at their computers, a natural and relaxing environment is crucial to overall well-being and productivity. LED lighting simulates daylight, reducing complaints of glare, eye strain, and fatigue.
• Model a fixture's light output in a custom-sized room
• Calculate the number & layout of fixtures needed to reach a target level of illumination
• Generate a clean, detailed & printable Report

Indoor Lighting

Indoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting Layout

Parking lot and area lighting applications require broad, uniform illumination for safety, security and vehicle identification. With a uniformed beam spread and low glare, LED lighting can help reduce crime rates around the exterior of buildings and lessen the chance of injury as people walk to their cars. Faraday offers a variety of low maintenance LED fixtures that typically use 50% less energy than traditional HID products. Promote pedestrian safety, increase security and improve the overall aesthetics of a parking lot with our selection of area and parking lot lights.
• Model a fixture’s light output based on mounting height, orientation, placement & tilt
• Create a photometric layout for the selected fixture
• Generate a clean, detailed & printable Report

Area Lighting

Parking Lot Lighting Using 300W Flood

Sports Lighting Outdoor

Sports Lighting 1

Sports Lighting Indoor