A Quick Buyer’s Guide to High Bay Lights

high bay lighting Ontario
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A Quick Buyer’s Guide to High Bay Lights

high bay lighting Ontario

High bay lights are typically used to illuminate large industrial facilities and commercial spaces that have ceiling heights ranging between 20 and 45 feet. These include warehouses, big box retail stores, supermarkets, common areas in shopping malls, car dealerships, etc. You might think that the costs of lighting up these types of industrial and commercial spaces for long periods of time—in some cases, 24/7—might be astronomical. But using the right type of high-quality, energy-efficient environmentally friendly, and long-lasting lighting solutions can actually cut down operational costs significantly. 

State-of-the-art high bay lighting in Ontario demands the use of advanced LED light bulbs that are capable of delivering full-scale illumination on a variety of levels. 

Why LEDs Are the Right Lighting Solution for High Bay Lights 

As far as industrial and commercial lighting solutions in Ontario go, there are a lot of options to choose from, but none are as worthwhile as LED light bulbs. Here are a few reasons why you should consider using LEDs for high bay lights in your place of business.

Cost-Effective Lighting Solutions 

Companies are always looking for ways to cut down costs without cutting corners. LED lights are the perfect cost-effective solution because they use significantly less energy than traditional light bulbs. That means you can keep them on for longer periods of time without expending copious amounts of electricity and running up your energy bills.

Energy-Efficient Option 

Industrial and commercial spaces like warehouses typically use omnidirectional high bay lighting fixtures that require a higher lumen output and distribution than smaller spaces. Traditional lighting solutions produce and expend large amounts of heat and energy in order to sufficiently light up large spaces. Most of the time, these light bulbs are only capable of distributing light in one direction, which isn’t ideal for large spaces. 

LEDs, on the other hand, only expend about 5% of their energy in the process of producing the same or more luminous light per square foot. On top of that, LEDs are also better at distributing light more evenly throughout the space, which allows you to provide exceptional lighting without having to go overboard on your budget.

Exceptional Appearance 

High bay lights are available in two styles: one is a long linear rectangular shape and the other is a round or UFO shape. The former is ideal for larger spaces because it can distribute light more evenly over an expansive surface area. The latter is ideal for smaller spaces that don’t require quite as much light. 

When paired with LED lights, the illumination is off the charts without being overly or uncomfortably bright. LED lights generate just the right amount of light distribution for industrial and commercial spaces that have aisles and storage racks. The brightness level provides optimal visibility for warehouse workers and shoppers in stores to easily locate the items they’re looking for and highlighting product displays. 

Easy Installation 

Compared to traditional light sources that burn more energy and need to be replaced frequently, LEDs have an average lifespan of about 50,000 operational hours. This makes them the perfect choice for many industrial and commercial settings that have 24/7 operations or keep their lights on all the time even when they’re closed. Incidentally, LEDs are also incredibly easy to install, and you can choose from a variety of tinting options and brightness levels to set the right ambience for your commercial space. 

Advanced Safety Features 

Traditional incandescent and halogen lights contain harmful amounts of mercury and UV rays that are emitted whenever they’re in use. Prolonged exposure to these elements has been proven to cause a host of health problems, including cancer. Overheating also makes these light sources a potential fire risk when used for long periods of time.

LED lights don’t emit UV rays or mercury and they use significantly less heat and energy than traditional light sources, which makes them the safer option for commercial spaces. 

Innovative Design 

Every commercial and industrial space is different. They each have unique lighting demands and purposes that can be met with the right LED high bay lighting configurations. Bright LED lights and store displays in retail stores attract more customers and improve sales. Warehouses need just enough bright light and even distribution to illuminate dark corners and aisles to improve visibility and safety standards for floor workers. LED high bay lighting design is fully customizable to meet your unique requirements. 

Applications of High Bay LED Lighting Solutions in Ontario 

Linear or UFO 

Linear or UFO high bay lights are the easiest ones to install because they only have one contact point with the ceiling. These round lighting fixtures are shaped liked flying saucers, hence the name. Much like a UFO, the round shape of these lighting fixtures allows for widespread and even light distribution, making them the perfect choice for warehouses, factories, grocery stores, stadiums, etc. 

Widespread Illuminance 

The amount of illuminance a space needs is determined by its structural layout. Warehouses that have rows upon rows of aisles, dead spaces, and dark corners must have a minimum illuminance level of at least 5fc. Manufacturing facilities and retail or grocery stores with large open spaces, however, require a minimum of 10fc because the light has to travel further to illuminate the space. LED high bay lights have the capacity to accommodate and light up a wide range of industrial and commercial spaces regardless of size and layout. 

Mounting Height, Spacing, Lumens, and Wattage 

High bay lights are typically used for spaces with a ceiling height of 20 to 45 feet. Depending on your aesthetic and lighting requirements, the lighting fixtures can either be flushed to the ceiling or suspended in the air. Height, along with lumens and wattage, impacts light distribution. The higher up the lights are installed and the more space they have in between them, the brighter the illumination will be. 

Where to Get High-Quality Custom High Bay Lighting in Ontario

When it comes to lighting distribution in Ontario, the name Faraday Lighting is synonymous with quality workmanship, affordability, and reliability. We provide custom-tailored LED lighting solutions in Ontario and specialize in large commercial and industrial spaces. We’ve also worked with a long list of companies to provide them with superior warehouse lighting for their Toronto facilities. Contact us today if you have any questions about LED high bay lighting or would like to book a professional lighting audit.