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Applications for High Bay Lights

high bay lighting Toronto

High bay lighting fixtures come in a wide range of configurations and are typically installed in commercial settings with extremely tall ceilings that require an abundance of illumination. The term “high bay” doesn’t refer to any specific type of lighting fixture, per se. Instead, it actually indicates the positioning and height at which the lighting fixture is installed in relation to the design of the structure. High bay lighting is quite literally just lighting that’s installed on a high ceiling. This type of lighting fixture is usually used for commercial spaces that have a ceiling height of 25’ or higher to provide even light distribution and excellent visibility throughout. 

Here are some of the most common applications for high bay LED lighting in Toronto.

Industrial Lighting 

Safety and quality standards in industrial work environments have undergone massive changes over the past few years. Adequate lighting distribution is a key driving force behind these changes. Workers in industrial settings require sufficient lighting conditions to perform their jobs safely and effectively. High bay LED lighting solutions in Toronto provide ample illumination to ensure excellent visibility in all areas of industrial workspaces.

Loading Bay Lighting 

Loading bays are an important aspect of warehouses, distribution centers, and retail stores. These are the areas in which products are loaded and unloaded. Product shipments can take place at any time of the day or night. To facilitate safe and efficient operations at all times, loading bays require sufficient lighting. Flexible lighting solutions need to be implemented to enhance visibility in all areas of loading bays and docks, especially at night and in areas that don’t get a lot of natural light during the day. High bay lights are the perfect solution because their height allows for even and widespread light distribution even in the darkest large spaces.

Underground Garage or Parking Lighting

Have you ever been in a large parking garage and forgotten where you parked your car? Poor lighting conditions only amplify that feeling of anxiety as you approach every single vehicle that looks like yours, but isn’t. High bay lighting fixtures are commonly used in parking garages to help improve visibility, prevent accidents, and discourage car break-ins. LEDs are usually the lighting fixture of choice for parking garages because they’re an energy-efficient option for maximizing illumination in large spaces. 

Warehouse Lighting 

Warehouses and distribution centers rely on the utmost efficiency and productivity to ensure that all packages are delivered and received in a timely manner. Proper lighting is absolutely crucial to establishing and maintaining safe and productive working conditions. Pallet racking systems that are full of large amounts of inventory can often cast large shadows, making it difficult to adequately and evenly illuminate all areas of a warehouse. Strategically placed LED bay lighting fixtures effectively offset this problem and provide bright lighting conditions throughout every crevice of the warehouse.  

Retail Lighting 

Bright lighting in small and big box retail stores has been proven to increase customer interest impulse purchases of special promotional items. It can also help brighten up customers’ moods and encourage them to make more purchases. High bay LEDs are the perfect low-cost and energy-efficient lighting solutions to encourage more people to support your business. 

High-Quality Lighting Distribution in the GTA

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