Brighten Up Your Commercial Space for Thanksgiving with Faraday Lighting Solutions

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Brighten Up Your Commercial Space for Thanksgiving with Faraday Lighting Solutions

commercial lighting solutions in Toronto

Commercial interior and exterior lighting solutions need to serve two purposes: aesthetic appeal and functionality. Oftentimes, businesses and commercial property owners underestimate or completely overlook their lighting requirements until something goes wrong with their lighting systems.

Don’t wait to be left out in the dark to change or modernize your current lighting system. 

The illumination experts at Faraday Lighting can provide exceptional commercial lighting solutions through Toronto, Ontario that fit your needs and budget. We specialize in installing, repairing, and maintaining energy efficient lighting in the GTA for the following types of structures.

Parking Lot Lighting in Toronto 

Commercial property owners are liable for the safety and efficiency of their parking lots. Parking lots and garages of all shapes and sizes—whether they’re indoor or outdoor, single, or multilevel—require an abundance of bright lighting to make for safe driving and walking conditions. Ample visibility is especially crucial at night and during the dark winter months. Installing motion-activated energy-efficient lighting in the GTA reduces the risk of preventable accidents and boosts the flow of traffic on your property. 

Outdoor Areas

Well-lit outdoor public spaces such as parks, parking lots, streets, sidewalks, roads, and highways can help deter the frequency of crimes and accidents in certain areas. LED lighting fixtures in the GTA can increase neighbourhood safety standards for people of all ages, especially children and older adults. They also increase the quality and visibility of security cameras to capture criminal visages and make them more easily identifiable. 

Private Office Spaces 

Not only does harsh fluorescent lighting eat up a huge chunk of your commercial office’s energy bill, it’s also been proven to contribute to or even cause long-term health problems for company employees who are continuously exposed to them. Energy efficient LED lighting fixtures in the GTA can offset and even help reverse both of these problems by consuming less electricity and providing an effervescent more natural type of lighting. This increases visibility while reducing eyestrain, stress, migraines, and other physical ailments.

Conference Rooms 

From holding routine meetings to putting on power-point presentations and speeches, there’s a lot that goes on in conference rooms. Sometimes, meeting or presentation attendees are required to spend a long time in that space perusing documents and taking notes. Versatile lighting plays a vital role in maintaining and improving the productivity of these professional events. Dimmable LED lighting offers the flexibility you need to perform a variety of functions for which conference rooms are designed. 


Many workplaces never turn off the lights in their hallways for security purposes. Traditional lights that are in constant use burn a lot of energy and can drive up your power bill every month. LED office and warehouse lighting in Toronto is a lot more energy- and cost-efficient without compromising on company safety and productivity protocols that rely on sufficient illumination throughout the premises. 

Reception Areas 

Reception areas are the first point of contact customers have with your business. Poorly lit reception areas that make it difficult to read sign-in forms or posted signs on front windows and desks can make for a negative customer experience. On top of that, bad or insufficient lighting can also reduce administrative productivity and create a stressful or even hostile work environment. Bright, soft or natural lighting provided by energy efficient LEDs outperform and literally outshine traditional lighting by making your reception area feel warmer and inviting. 

Where to Get Energy Efficient LED Commercial Lighting Solutions in the GTA 

For decades, Faraday Lighting has been one of the leading providers of high-quality LED lighting solutions and fixtures for commercial properties across Toronto and the GTA. We start by performing in-depth lighting audits of your current illumination system to make product and service recommendations based on our expert observations and opinions. Contact us to book a consultation.