A Quick Guide to LED Flood Lighting and How it Works

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A Quick Guide to LED Flood Lighting and How it Works

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Whether you need them to increase the safety of your outdoor space or to light up the interior of your business, LED flood lights in Toronto serve a number of different commercial, industrial, and even residential purposes. Traditional flood lights consume a lot of energy and only last half as long as LED flood lights. This makes the latter the preferable choice for a lot of property owners that want to illuminate their indoor and outdoor spaces at a reasonable cost with minimal environmental impact. If lowering your energy bills, reducing your carbon footprint, and providing optimal safety and efficiency standards are top priorities for your business, then consider making the switch to LED flood lights in Toronto immediately.

What Are LED Flood Lights?

You’ve probably seen LED flood lights on the exterior of large businesses such as car dealerships, shopping malls, movie theaters, factories, etc. LED flood lights are wide angle lights that are designed to provide a large amount or flood of light, if you will. They have the capacity to illuminate large spaces for optimal lighting conditions. Stadiums use them during sporting events. Warehouses and retail spaces also use them to illuminate the interior of their spaces and make it easier for customers and employees to see the products. They also enhance safety standards by providing unfaltering visibility in otherwise extremely dark spaces.

Most commonly, you might notice them when you drive past a car dealership in the evening. Flood lights are a great safety feature because they light up an indoor or outdoor space so brightly, that it almost feels like daylight. They’re especially effective for deterring break-ins in large high-security businesses and public spaces. 

How Do LED Flood Lights Work? 

LED flood lights act as semiconductors that produce electricity. Electric currents must pass through two leads, also known as metal pads or SMDs (surface mount devices), and are transformed into bright light. A certain amount of wattage is required to produce luminous lighting effects of various brightness levels. Photons in the leads can only release a certain amount of bright light once the appropriate wattage level is acquired. 

Unlike traditional lighting fixtures or luminaries, LED flood lights don’t rely on a heat source to produce light. They operate on a much lower energy consumption level and can therefore reduce your business’s or home’s energy output and save you money on your monthly electricity bill. As a result, LED flood lights will never overheat and remain cool to the touch, which also reduces the risk of electrical fires. LED flood lights are equipped with heat sinks that absorb all of the wasted heat energy produced by the light production process, which increases the efficiency and lifespan of flood lights. 

What Are the Benefits of LED Flood Lights for Your Business?

Installing LED flood lights and replacing your traditional luminaries or lighting fixtures has a lot of great benefits for your business. Here are just a few of the benefits of LED flood lights for your business.

  • Excellent adaptability. Customize your LED flood light luminaries in whatever way you want. You can install automatic motion activated features that turn on when there’s movement on your property. Another option is to install automatic on/off features that turn on at night and turn off at sunrise. Some LED light fixtures come with a passive infrared receiver (PIR) which triggers the light sensors every time motion is detected on the property. 
  • Energy efficiency and cost savings. LED flood lights use about 80% less energy than traditional lights and can save you a great deal of money on your monthly energy bills. 
  • Eco-friendly lighting solution. In addition to significantly lower energy consumption, LED flood lights also last for about 50,000+ usage hours before having to be replaced and they’re recyclable.
  • Low maintenance. Fewer replacements mean less maintenance for you. LED flood lights are typically placed in hard-to-reach places light high ceilings for indoor applications, or they’re mounted to the exterior siding of a structure for outdoor applications. These placements can make them harder to replace, so their long lifespan is a huge advantage. When the time does come to replace LED flood lighting fixtures in the GTA, then you should consider calling an expert to do it. 
  • Exceptional cold resistance. Halogen lighting is more sensitive to rapid and extreme temperature fluctuations, which is a major concern in Ontario and other parts of Canada. LED lighting fixtures can withstand extremely cold temperatures that are common during the winter months. They’re capable of operating in below freezing temperatures as cold as -20 degrees C. 
  • Shock and vibration resistance. Another excellent and noteworthy feature of LED flood lighting solutions in Ontario is that they have strong shock and vibration resistance. This is especially important in the midst of strong storms where lightning and thunder are present, which is fairly common in the fall.
  • Remain cool. Since flood lights are frequently used in commercial settings, they’re almost always in use. Traditional halogen flood lights rely on heat energy to produce sufficient lighting. That means they can quickly overheat and cause a possible electrical short circuit. LED flood lights feature heat sinks that absorb excess heat energy and direct it away from the main lighting fixture so it can maintain a cool running temperature at all times. 
  • Expansive lighting coverage. LED flood lights feature extremely wide beam angles that enable them to cover and illuminate large surface areas. This makes them the perfect choice for large commercial and industrial spaces with a lot of square footage. 
  • Solar options available. Solar LED flood lighting fixtures absorb energy from the sun during the day to provide optimal, reliable, and long-lasting bright lighting all night long.

How to Choose the Right LED Flood Lights for Your Commercial Space?

The first step is to work with professional lighting solution providers in the GTA. At Faraday Lighting, our skilled engineers will take the time to perform a thorough lighting audit of your commercial space’s current lighting system. With a commitment to increasing energy efficient lighting fixtures in the GTA, we’ll compose a detailed list of custom affordable lighting solutions that are guaranteed to meet the needs of your business and reduce your overall energy consumption. Contact us today to find out why we’re one of the leading lighting distributors in Toronto!