Why Is Lighting Control Important in Canada?

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May 17, 2021
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Why Is Lighting Control Important in Canada?

lighting control in Canada

Conventional commercial and residential lighting control systems in Canada provide a harmonious combination of setting a certain ambiance and implementing cost- and energy-saving initiatives for companies and homeowners alike. Energy efficiency and the ability to maximize lighting solutions have been top of mind for a variety of lighting distributors in Toronto and the GTA for a number of years. Modern lighting control mechanisms in Canada can integrate natural light sources to illuminate indoor and outdoor spaces of any size and layout according to the preferences and current temperaments of the property owner.

What Is Lighting Control?

Sophisticated lighting controls can be automatic or manually operated depending on the specific needs of the property and its occupants. Lighting controls can be operated using an on/off switch or they can be integrated with smart technological devices and apps that automatically dim the lights when there’s sufficient natural lighting or increase brightness levels in the evening or in low and subpar natural lighting conditions.

In addition to saving energy and lowering electricity costs for property owners, lighting controls also have an anti-glare and increased brightness effect that increases clarity on digital displays and screens to make them easier to read and use. High-quality and stable lighting control has the capacity to enhance end-user experiences and conserve energy used by lighting fixtures by preserving it for when it’s needed most.

Lighting control mechanisms also help property owners track their energy usage, so that they can make note of certain patterns and adjust their behaviour accordingly.

What Are the Benefits of Lighting Control?

Traditional light switches only have two settings: on or off. While this is perfectly acceptable to accommodate nighttime lighting requirements, it’s often insufficient and even wasteful for daytime lighting. Standard on/off switches provide the same lighting output and brightness regardless of what time of day it is and changing lighting needs in varying brightness levels. Lighting control mechanisms offer far more dimming and brightness options based on your current lighting needs. Here are the benefits of installing a state-of-the-art lighting control system.

Sustainability and Savings

Lighting control systems allow you to control how much electric light you use during various times of day or night, regardless of exterior lighting conditions. On dark overcast days, you can increase the brightness and decrease it or turn it off entirely when it’s bright and sunny out.

Sometimes, lighting conditions change on a whim, and you may need more or less artificial light at any given moment. State-of-the-art lighting control systems allow you to adjust the brightness and quality of lighting while still minimizing energy usage. This yields unparalleled energy and cost-efficiency at all times.

Improved Interior End-User Experience

Spending countless hours working under direct harsh lighting has been proven to increase workplace malaise including stress, mental and physical discomfort, and even headaches and migraines in some employees. Bright fluorescent lighting fixtures that have the tendency to emit an annoying and constant low buzzing sound are the worst offenders in this regard.

The easy solution to fix this problem is to install automatic lighting control systems that allow end-users to adjust the light source according to their specific needs and tasks that are being carried out. Not only will this make for a more physically comfortable workspace, but it can also improve employee morale, efficiency, and productivity significantly. In retail spaces, lighting control systems also allow stores to create a certain ambiance that highlights the appeal of products and encourages customers to make a purchase.

Better Lighting Management

High-end technical lighting controls allow property owners to implement better energy management protocols to lower their consumption rates without diminishing the quality of the lighting. These systems produce exactly the right amount of light output and intensity as needed without expending exorbitant amounts of energy in the process.

Lighting experts in the GTA can also design energy-efficient zoning blueprints to minimize energy usage and distance travelled while still providing ample lighting output and intensity to specific areas. Plus, automatic lighting control features can be implemented in conjunction with manual controls to provide maximum efficiency and usage convenience.

Lighting settings can be manually adjusted as needed, but they can also be put on automatic timers during times when no one is available to turn the lights on or off. Lights can also be automatically set to dim or brighten based on changing natural lighting conditions.

Backup Options

Digital lighting control systems in Canada are accompanied by apps. Users can save their settings and other information pertaining to lighting preferences, automatic shutoff, and other scheduled events on these apps which are then backed up on the cloud.

There are several backup options depending on specific requirements. These settings can be adjusted at any time either onsite or from remote locations as long as users have authority and the right login credentials.

Enhanced Remote Lighting Control Options

Some property owners may prefer to only initiate manual controls instead of automatic lighting scheduling. However, sometimes human errors can happen and an employee or manager might forget to turn off a light before leaving for the day. No problem. Enhanced lighting control options allow users to turn lights on or off or dim them using an app even when they’re offsite. Remote lighting control apps typically have a multi-step login process that only allows authorized individuals to access accounts and make changes.

Different Levels of Lighting Control and Distribution in the GTA

Different types of lighting can have a positive or negative impact on employee morale and productivity while also influencing customer temperaments. The three most common levels of lighting control in the GTA are:

  • Dynamic lighting, which helps property owners to establish a certain interior aesthetic or atmosphere within their commercial properties. Tinted LED lighting can impact the comfort levels and well-being of occupants by creating a warm and welcoming environment that promotes positive vibes, productivity, and a welcoming feeling.
  • Daylight harvesting is another important component of lighting control and distribution throughout an interior space. As the name suggests, it involves regulating the amount of natural light that’s allowed to enter into a space. Typically, daylight harvesting utilizes special shades or drapery that allows for minimal or maximum amounts of natural light to enter into a space depending on the preferences of the occupants.
  • Complete lighting control entails installing a high-end lighting system that gives you all of the features you need to maximize your lighting levels, efficiency, and comfort at all times with minimal risk and output required.

Lighting Distributors in Toronto and the GTA

Faraday Lighting is a leading distributor of commercial-grade energy-efficient turnkey lighting solutions in Toronto and the GTA. We provide a wide range of commercial and industrial lighting control systems and products that are customizable according to the specific needs of our clients. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services!