Why You Should Switch to LED Lighting for Commercial Spaces

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April 30, 2021
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Why You Should Switch to LED Lighting for Commercial Spaces

LED lighting fixtures in the GTA

LED lighting fixtures in the GTA

As more people get vaccinated for COVID-19 and businesses slowly start to resume operations, more people are going to be returning to work in commercial spaces. Before that happens, there’s no better time than the present to evaluate or re-evaluate your current lighting situation. If you find that your current lighting is too dark, inefficient, or insufficient to accommodate your returning and growing workforce, then it’s time to make a change.

Specifically, it’s time to switch to LED lighting fixtures in the GTA.

Not only do they save energy, but they’re also more cost-efficient, easy to install, and they promote greater productivity out of your employees.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of using LED lighting for commercial spaces.

LED Lighting Is an Eco-Friendly Alternative

Traditionally, commercial spaces like office buildings were equipped with incandescent or fluorescent lights—many of them still are! While these were innovative lighting solutions in their time, there’s a new sheriff in town now.

It’s called LED (light emitting diode) lighting. LED lighting is far more eco-friendly than incandescent and fluorescent lighting. That’s because LED lights reduce your energy usage (more on that later) by producing significantly less heat than traditional lighting solutions. Furthermore, LED lighting solutions also convert 95% of the energy they produce into light, compared to just 10% of energy that’s converted into light by traditional light bulbs.

This results in low impact energy production and usage, making LED lighting the ideal solution for companies looking to reduce their environmental impact and carbon footprint.

Greater Comfort and Increased Productivity

Most LED lighting solutions in Ontario are compatible with a variety of lighting control mechanisms, which makes it more convenient to make the switch, so to speak.

LED lighting fixtures are designed with the comfort and lighting requirements of your commercial space in mind. Equipped with a variety of lighting options, LED lighting fixtures are completely adaptable and adjustable to any lighting situation. They can be dimmed or brightened according to the comfort level and current lighting needs of your employees. Natural light is, of course, preferable to artificial light, so the LEDs can be dimmed when they’re not needed. On darker days, LED lights provide exceptional comfort and just enough brightness to make for a more productive working environment.

LEDs have also been proven to reduce eye strain and headaches that are often attributed to staring at a computer screen for long periods of time, which maximizes employee comfort and productivity without added pressure.

More Health Benefits Compared to Traditional Lighting Solutions

Compared to traditional commercial lighting systems, there are some great health benefits associated with LED lighting. LED lights emit light diodes that closely resemble natural sunlight—as close as artificial lighting can get to natural light, anyway. They’re designed to promote motivation and reduce mental and physical strain on the body to make for a more comfortable working environment. Sunlight energizes people, so it’s important to have lots of natural lighting in the workplace, or at least something that’s close to it.

Unfortunately, some workspaces simply don’t get enough sunlight either because they’re underground, facing in the opposite direction, or there aren’t enough large windows to allow for natural light.

LED lighting is the ideal solution for these types of working conditions because they closely mimic the effects of natural light and have stress-reducing and relieving qualities that boost employee morale, motivation, and productivity.

Powerful Illumination for Perfect Visibility

As mentioned, LED lighting produces significantly less heat energy than conventional incandescent or fluorescent lighting. Instead, the energy that’s produced by LED lighting solutions is converted into light. Hence, LED lighting produces significantly greater amounts of light that can illuminate large workspaces using fewer lighting fixtures than what’s required by traditional lighting mechanisms. This means greater visibility for your employees and less maintenance for you as a commercial building or business owner.

Significantly Longer Life Expectancy

Despite the fact that LED lighting produces more light than incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs, they actually last a lot longer. LED lighting solutions consume less energy. The energy they produce is automatically converted into more light, which means they last a lot longer and need to be replaced less often than conventional light bulbs that use up more energy at a faster rate.

Compared to traditional lighting fixtures which only last about 1,000 to 30,000 hours, LED lights can last anywhere between 50,000 to 100,000 hours.

Superior Lighting Quality

LED lighting fixtures are more modern looking and don’t make that annoying buzzing sound that can drive employees up the wall all day. Plus, they don’t flicker. Instead, they provide a steady stream of luminescent lighting that’s ideal for maximizing all-day comfort in the workplace and reduce stress headaches caused by eye strain.

Energy and Cost Savings

Unlike conventional lighting mechanisms that generate more heat, LED lighting systems actually reduce heat production and conserve more energy by using it wisely. Energy that’s produced by LED lights is automatically converted into light to create a brighter and more stress-free work environment for employees.

Conventional lighting systems, on the other hand, produce more heat which can increase your energy bills, especially in the summertime. The excess heat can send your air conditioning unit into overdrive as it attempts to unsuccessfully maintain a stable cool temperature while your light bulbs are emitting increasing amounts of heat.

LED lights actually help lower your monthly energy bills by reducing energy waste in your facility and maximizing its effectiveness.

Limitless Design Options and Versatility

LED lighting solutions offer a customizable, modern, and technologically advanced application. You can set up your lighting system so that you can control certain functions either onsite or remotely from your mobile device. Get more control over your lighting system by using your phone to set timers, adjust the dimmers, or check occupancy sensors.

Custom LED Lighting Solutions for Commercial Spaces in Toronto, Ontario

Faraday Lighting is a leading supplier of turnkey LED lighting solutions for commercial spaces across Ontario. Starting with a full-scale audit of your lighting needs, our expert lighting technicians will recommend appropriate LED lighting solutions based on your specific business requirements. We offer a variety of lighting services including engineering studies, design and layout,  procurement, installation, and warranty maintenance, so that you can rest assured that your investment is well protected at all times. Contact us today to book a consultation.