Factors to Consider when Redesigning and Upgrading Your Lighting System in the GTA

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April 23, 2021
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Factors to Consider when Redesigning and Upgrading Your Lighting System in the GTA

lighting system in GTA

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Every workplace setting is different and therefore has unique lighting requirements based on a number of factors. From the type of work being performed, the number of employees sharing a workspace to the size and layout of the office, shop or industrial space, lighting conditions should be adaptable to suit your business’s evolving needs.

Interior lighting trends have undergone a lot of changes over the decades. Gone are the days when static fluorescent lighting was enough to keep workers motivated to be productive. Over the past few years, studies have actually shown that fluorescent lighting can have a negative impact on employee morale, concentration, and productivity. Many workers suffer a series of light sensitivity symptoms including headache, eye strain, eye inflammation, and difficulty reading or focusing as a direct result of sitting under fluorescent lights for too long. In some work environments, older workers actually needing more light when repairing or maintaining cars or heavy equipment.

If this is something that your employees can relate to, then it might be time to update or replace your lighting system. Get in touch with the commercial lighting experts at Faraday Lighting in Toronto for all of your professional lighting system design, installation, and maintenance needs.

Here are some of the many steps we take to ensure that the job is always done right, within a reasonable timeframe, and according to your business’s physical and budgetary restraints.

Light Intensity, Colour, and Quality

Before we start any commercial lighting job, we always take the time to understand the exact lighting needs of your business. Everything from the quantity, shape, and style of the lighting fixtures you want right down to the light intensity that your employees require is taken into consideration.

Natural lighting in conjunction with square footage also plays an important role in determining your lighting needs as it allows you to choose softer tones for the daytime and stronger luminescent options for those late night or after hours work sessions.

Examining the electrical infrastructure also requires a certain level of expertise, so that you don’t risk causing any damage or injuring yourself in the process. Using their many years of cumulative experience, our technicians can make lighting recommendations that are suitable for your workspace.

Cost of the Equipment and Running the Lights

Once we’ve established the lighting needs of your business and laid out a plan of action, it’s important to select the right lighting equipment for your property. Cost of equipment is also a major factor if you’re planning on doing the work yourself. To save some money and ensure a job well done, it’s better to hire the commercial lighting experts at Faraday Lighting in Toronto. We have all of the equipment needed on hand to complete any lighting installation, maintenance, or repair project in Toronto.

Any time you perform any type of remodelling project for your commercial property, it’s also important to have either a broad or exact budget in mind. Consider how much you’re willing or able to spend on a lighting upgrade for your business and then work out a plan with the lighting solution provider in Toronto.

At Faraday Lighting, we can work within your budget to determine the cost of the overall project, the cost of maintenance, and running the lighting over the lifecycle of your lighting system. If some infrastructure needs to be repaired or altered, we can provide a quote for that as well.

How the Lighting Can Improve Your Work Environment

We believe that the right lighting can do wonders to improve your work environment. Soft, luminescent lighting motivates employees to work more efficiently and productively without causing any type of strain or physical discomfort. It’s bad enough that most office workers spend the better portion of their day staring directly at a computer screen, but to have to work for hours on end under harsh and unflattering fluorescent lighting can be overkill for their well-being.

The new lighting system that you choose should promote better working conditions and blend seamlessly with the level of natural lighting in your workspace. If you have greenery throughout your workplace, then you should also consider lighting systems that provide them with the right amount of light to stay healthy.

Long-Term Sustainability

If energy efficiency, lowering your monthly maintenance and operational costs, and reducing the size of your carbon footprint are top priorities for your business, then consider installing LED lights throughout your workplace. LED lights provide superior lighting solutions while consuming significantly less energy than other lighting options. Plus, they’re guaranteed to last at least 5-10  years with regular usage before needing to be replaced.

Energy conservation and sustainability are the name of the game at Faraday Lighting. We’re committed to providing our customers with long-term, eco-friendly, and cost-efficient commercial lighting solutions for our customers in the GTA. There are already a lot of high costs associated with running a business including insurance, paying property taxes, paying employees, and the list goes on. Our mission is to help our clients save some money on their monthly electricity bills by providing them with unique, high-quality, and sustainable lighting solutions in Toronto.

Work with Faraday Lighting for Turnkey Lighting Solutions in the GTA

When it comes to upgrading your existing commercial lighting system at your place of business, it’s better to leave it up to experienced professionals. Designing lighting systems in the GTA requires a certain amount of industry knowledge, training, and precision. It’s easy to miss an important step in the design and installation process if you lack the expertise and training to do the job right.

When you work with Faraday Lighting for your commercial lighting needs, you can rest assured that all of our technicians receive intricate theoretical and hands-on training to constantly update their repertoire of knowledge. We provide a long line of commercial-grade LED fixtures and lamps that are sure to sufficiently light up your business. Contact us today to learn more.